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Smartphones To Get New Samsung 2nm Mobile Chips

Samsung Electronics said it will start mass production of advance 2-nanometer chips for smartphones, as it mounts a major challenge against market leader TSMC.

“The company will begin mass production of 2-nm process for mobile applications in 2025, and then expand to HPC in 2026 and automotive in 2027,” Samsung said in a news release.

“Samsung’s 2-nm process has shown a 12% increase in power efficiency, and a 5% decrease in area, when compared to its 3-nm process.”

The announcement comes after Samsung CEO Kyung Kye-hyun announced last month that the company aims to surpass world leading foundry TSMC within five years.

“Samsung Electronics is one year behind TSMC in 3-nm quality and two years in 4-nm,” Kyung said.

“However, we are thinking we will catch up in five years. We will do our best to become the world’s best in technology.”

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