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Samsung Testing New AI Chatbot For Future Phones

Samsung has started testing a generative AI model, called ‘Gauss,’ named after a 19th century German mathematician. This move will see the company join ranks of others attempting to create a rival to ChatGPT.

Internal testing has begun testing of a bot that could assist staff within the mobile and consumer electronics divisions in composing emails, summarising documents, and translating content.

Samsung will be joining worldwide companies in attempt to jump into the market started by ChatGPT. It is developing other AI tools including a coding assistant, as well as a platform for creating visuals from simple keywords. There are even plans to incorporate these services into future products.

This could be the company responding to growing concerns around the pervasiveness of the technology, having banned employee use of generative AI earlier this year. This occurred after it was found staff had uploaded sensitive code to the platform.

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