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Samsung Say 6G May Soon Be On The Way

Samsung Electronics have unveiled their plans for the future of networking with a white paper called “6G Spectrum: Expanding the Frontier”.

According to Samsung, 6G could be 50 times faster than 5G, with speeds as high as 1 Terabit per second. Testing began in June last year and showed promising results. At 15 meters indoors, they achieved a 6Gbps data rate, at 30 meters they got 12Gbps and at 120 meters they still achieved 2.3Gbps.

“We have started on our journey long ago to understand, develop and standardize the 6G communications technology. We are committed to taking the lead and sharing our findings to spread our vision to bring the next hyper connected experience to every corner of life,” says Sunghyun Choi, Executive VP and Head of the Advanced Communications Research Centre at Samsung.

Samsung believe that 6G is crucial for the future of online work, making use of ultra-wideband bandwidth ranging from “hundreds of MHz to tens of GHz” that will allow for immersive extended reality and mobile holograms.

The company also wants to improve network coverage with 6G, covering bands ranging from low under 1GHz, to mid bands at 1-24GHz and high bands of 24 – 300GHz.


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