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Samsung Rolls Out Powerful Update For Galaxy S20

Samsung Electronics has announced that the new One UI 2.5 software, which is available on the Galaxy Note20 series, will be rolled out to the Galaxy S20 series.

This update will add Pro Video Mode, which allows users to record footage in 21:9 aspect ratio. It also enables shooters to control the smartphone’s mic direction so you can pick up specific sounds. When paired with a pair of Galaxy Buds, the earbuds can be used as an even better microphone to minimise background audio.

One UI 2.5 also features Samsung Notes, which offer ‘Audio Bookmarks’. With Audio Bookmarks users can synchronise their written notes with audio recordings made from lectures or meetings. That way when you review your notes, you can select a section of what you wrote to play the corresponding audio.

Updated Samsung Notes lets users import and write on PDFs, making it simpler to review and revise documents on-the-go.

Samsung DeX is another new useful feature. This can connect a Galaxy S20 to a Smart TV device wirelessly, opening up two screens for greater multi-tasking.

The updated Reminder app can be used to set times and locations for upcoming meetings and tasks.

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