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IFA 2019: Samsung Rolls Our ‘AirDresser’ & Bespoke Fridges

There were some real neat products shown at this year’s Samsung IFA briefing but it was hard to ascertain what will actually end up in Australia, what we do know is that a brand new cheaper 5G smartphone is among the products that Samsung will roll out globally.

The Korean Company who is currently spending $22 Billion on research and development and that’s US  dollars, and one area that was impressive was in the kitchen with the Company showing off robots that can quickly whip up a meal, I’m not sure about the washing up afterwards.

Samsung AirDresser custom installed and below how it works.

Another interesting concept is Samsung’s new Bespoke fridge line which at this stage is Europe bound but I am confident would be a big hit in Australia.

Basically, this is a modular line of refrigerator allows you to customize the material, colour, size and colored glass door configurations.

You can even change the configurations down the road if the design aesthetic of your kitchen changes. The Bespoke refrigerators will be available in eight different sizes, nine colours and three texture options.

In addition to the Bespoke line, Samsung is adding capabilities to its flagship Family Hub refrigerator range
The unique design gets more intelligent shopping lists from recipe websites and grocery stores and prioritization of foods according to expiration date to help reduce food waste.

when it came to cleaning up Samsung revealed the Powerstick Jet vacuum cleaner, with 60 minutes of cleaning before charging, and the Cube air purifier with a three-layer filtration system (bye, pollen!) and a modular design.

However, the Samsung AirDresser was the star.

This is a category that took LG three years to try and crack with retailers who were reluctant to stock the unique product despite it being innovative and highly practical.

The new Samsun Air Dresser is slim smart and can be built into a custom wardrobe design.

It uses powerful jets of air to remove dust and sanitize clothes, which should make it a godsend.

Another cracker product that would go down really well in Australia was the roll out of Dual Cook Steam Oven.

Along with a new user interface and Satin Glass finish, the oven is a stacked, vertical design that allows you to simultaneously cook with convection in one chamber and steam in the other.