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Samsung Braces For S9 To Beat S8 First Year Sales

Despite looking remarkably similar to the Galaxy S8, Samsung is ready for its new S9 to sell more units during its first year.

According to Korea’s The Bell, Samsung has assembled 2 million more S9 units to sell in year-one, than it did for the S8.

The South Korean giant is aiming to ship 43 million Galaxy S9 devices in 2018.

Quarterly shipments are forecast to notch 12 million, 13 million, 10 million and 8 million units, respectively.

By contrast, Samsung shipped 41 million S8 series phones during 2017, and 48 million S7 devices in 2016.

According to Taiwanese trade publication DigiTimes, Samsung is hoping its ‘aggressive marketing’ will drive new sales.

The smartphone maker is reportedly ready to sacrifice 5% – 10% of its operating margin, to spark replacement demand for older devices.

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