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Samsung Plays It Safe With 2018 Phone Sales Forecast

As a reflection of the highly competitive smartphone market, recent reports reveal that Samsung is playing it safe with its 2018 phone sales forecast, maintaining a similar sales goal as last year.

According to The Korea Herald Samsung is aiming to sell 320 million smartphone units, 40 million ‘feature phones’, 20 million tablets and 5 million wearable devices.

Some market commentators are referring to the sales goal as ‘moderate’, however, it is still notably larger than rivals Apple and Huawei, who are reportedly aiming to sell 200 million and 150 million respectively.

Analysts speculate that the Korean tech giant will not aim to significantly increase shipment volumes, as it focuses on increasing profitability via high-priced premium smartphones.

Samsung is rumoured to reveal its forthcoming Galaxy S9, and a new ‘foldable’ smartphone in the near future.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

[Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8]

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