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Samsung Pay Edges Ahead Of Rivals

Samsung’s mobile payment service Samsung Pay has now edged ahead of both Apple Pay and Android Pay, with the company announcing launch details for the Sweden, Hong Kong, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates.

“Less than two years ago, Samsung Pay came to life in Korea with a simple mission: To empower customers with mobile payments that are simple, secure and available almost anywhere,” said Thomas Ko, VP and Global General Manager of Samsung Pay.

“Today, Samsung Pay is so much more. Our launches in different parts of the world demonstrate governments’ and consumers’ changing attitudes towards progressing to a cashless society. It is through the interest and support of our partners that we are able to answer their needs by offering Samsung Pay in these markets. We are incredibly proud of our rapid expansion and growth in such a short period of time, and look forward to bringing the most comprehensive digital wallet to all our users around the world.”

While the Hong-Kong and Swedish expansions are only entering an early-access phase rather than a full-blown launch, it still puts Samsung Pay ahead of its competition in terms of total markets serviced.

Samsung Pay is now available in a total of 17 regions –  South Korea, the US, China, Spain, Singapore, Australia, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Russia, Thailand, Canada, Malaysia, India, Sweden, UAE, Switzerland and Hong-Kong.

A Turkish launch is also planned for later in the year.

In comparison, Apple Pay has launched in 15 regions while Android Pay lags behind at 12 regions.

In Australia, Samsung Pay has been available since mid-2016.


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