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Samsung Tipped To Release Third Foldable Phone

Tech Titan Samsung is reportedly developing on a new foldable phone, according to reliable leaker Ice Universe (@UniverseIce) on Twitter. The new phone is codenamed “Diamond” and is set to be released in the latter half of 2022.

Currently, Samsung have two foldable phones in their lineup with the Galaxy Z Fold and the Galaxy Z Flip, with the former making use of a book like design while the other is reminiscent of older style flip phones. The Diamond however is thought to be a brand-new foldable design.

Alongside the initial Tweet stating the news of the new phone and its name, Ice Universe also posted a photo of several Samsung executives with the new device. While the picture doesn’t reveal much in terms of what the phone will look like or how it will operate, it’s does suggest that it will have a clear ‘form factor’.

In the photo, there is no clearly visible hinge or anything to indicate how it folds, however, there is speculation suggesting that it will be a rollable display. Ice Universe’s picture of the executives came with the Tweet “It has a high probability of being a scroll screen phone. Backing up their claim is some of Samsungs previous plans. During Q4 of 2020 (early 2021), Samsung disclosed that they were planning to introduce a slideable display into the market. To top that off, during display week in May last year, Samsung exhibited a concept for a rollable/slideable device. The Diamond could very well be the finished product.

Rollable phones seem to be the latest trend, as before they cancelled the development of their smartphones, LG had confirmed it planned to release a rollable phone. Furthermore, TCL teased pictures of a rollable phone concept early last year while Oppo have shown off their Oppo X 2021 concept ‘scrollable’ phone in recent months, which may inspire Samsung’s Diamond smartphone.

The Oppo X 2021 in all its rolling glory! Credit: Derek Scott / Android Authority



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