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Samsung Launches A Cloud Backup For Hassle-Free Phone Upgrades

To simplify upgrading to a new phone, Samsung has introduced a new software service called Temporary Cloud Backup, which enables a complete copy of a phone’s data in the cloud for free.

Consumers can now quickly transfer data from an old phone to a new one without losing anything important, but this service is different from other cloud storage solutions like Google Drive or Dropbox because it only keeps your data for a short time.

As the title suggests, it is a temporary backup, but while consumers use it, they can back up large amounts of data, and each file can be up to 100GB, making it nearly impossible to run out of space.

Nothing is needed other than a Wi-Fi connection and your Samsung account.

The new Temporary Cloud Backup tool will use the Samsung Cloud storage space and is linked to a user’s account.

Users are cautioned to remember to secure all their content on the new device, however, because the backup will be deleted automatically after 30 days, similar to how Apple temporarily increases iCloud storage.

The new service is handy not only for data transfer but also if users need to send their phone for repair.

Find the new service in Maintenance Mode under Settings on a Galaxy phone to access it.

The service will be available on Galaxy S and Galaxy Z devices with Samsung’s OneUI 6 software, which is expected to be released soon, first in South Korea and then globally in the fall.

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