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Samsung Huawei Go Head To Head With New 5G Modem Processor

Samsung and Huawei have both moved to take on Qualcomm with a processor that has a 5G modem built in. ChannelNews has been told that the new processors could end up in Samsung top end QLED TV’s and other appliances.

The processors were revealed at IFA 2019 in Berlin. Analysts claim that if the Samsung processor is successful it could end up denting Qualcomm sales as the processor significantly reduces the space and power requirements compared to existing solutions that use two separate processors on a smartphone motherboard.

Samsung said that they are planning mass production by December 2019 with 2020 smartphones set to feature the new processor.

Huawei claims that they will reveal their 5G Modem with the new Mate 30 Pro smartphone on Sept. 19.

The Kirin 990 5G from Huawei subsidiary HI Silicon is built at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing and packs more than 10.3 billion transistors into a space the size of a fingernail.

It includes a graphics processor, an octa-core CPU, and the all-important 5G modem, along with dedicated neural processing units for accelerating artificial intelligence tasks.

The only problem is that consumers in Australia have stopped buying Huawei smartphones because of security risks and the fact that there is every possibility that the new device with not incorporate the new Android 10 OS or allow Android apps to be downloaded.

Huawei’s consumer group Chief Executive Officer Richard Yu showed the high-end 990 5G achieving real-world download speeds on China Mobile’s network in excess of 1.7Gbps. He did not address security issues that saw Huawei banned in both Australia and the USA.

Samsung’s approach with its new Exynos 980 is to target the mid-range. Along with 5G capabilities, this new chip integrates 802.11ax fast Wi-Fi along with Samsung’s own NPU.

The technology will help Samsung take a major slice of the more mainstream market before Qualcomm brings out an armada of new 5G-capable chips next year.

Among the 2020 devices to feature the new technology is the Galaxy A90 which is one of the earliest examples of a mid-range device with 5G.

Analysts claim that Huawei’s Mate 30 Pro will struggle to sell in Europe, Australia and the USA so long as the Trump administration prevents it from offering Google services on new phones.

Irrespective of how fast and advanced its Kirin 990 5G may be, the trade war will prevent Huawei from fully capitalizing on its capabilities they claim.

It’s also tipped that Chinese Company Lenovo Group, which is not subject to the same sanctions could start building the new Huawei offering into their products in 2020.

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