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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 To Feature 3x Zoom Dual-Camera

Samsung has previewed the technology behind a new dual-camera module that is expected to feature on the upcoming Galaxy Note 8.

Along with a second camera that enables 3x optical zoom, the new component from Samsung Electro-Mechanics is able to perform better in low light when both cameras are used together for a feature called ‘super night shot’.

Depth information from the dual-camera module can be used to produce background blur on an image or to refocus a photo after capturing, while a feature called ‘Dual Fusion Image’ can expand dynamic range of captured images.

The component’s optical 3x zoom feature called ‘smart zoom’ is able to produce better image quality than digital zoom, and goes beyond the 2x zoom offered by the iPhone 7 Plus and other smartphones.

While the new dual-camera module is not specifically confirmed for the Galaxy Note 8, previous reports have suggested the smartphone will feature a dual-camera and Engadget also noted Samsung has previously teased the new components of flagship smartphones prior to their launch.

The launch of the Galaxy Note 8 is scheduled for August 23rd at an event in New York.

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