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Samsung Files Patent For 100% Display Smartphone With No Ports Or Buttons

Samsung Electronics has filed a patent for a true 100% display device, with multiple displays wrapped around the phone.

The new patent, which was spotted by LetsGoDigital, is for a smartphone with no ports, cameras or physical buttons and has multiple displays wrapped around it.

It was filed back in July 2020 and contains images of the prototypes.

The phone has a curved screen at the front, while the rear display is flat. It is also covered by transparent housing made of acrylic material on the front and back.

The device also appears to have a sliding camera and users will need to slide down on the rear to activate the lenses.

The design means the smartphone is a 100% full display experience, with features such as speakers and fingerprint sensors hidden under the screen.

There are no visible buttons or ports, and the patent suggests the device can be turned off and on via the screen with an eSIM and wireless charging.

Use-cases for the 100% display include displaying weather information and adapting to the environment by detecting colours.

Samsung has not yet revealed any details about the development of its 100% display technology.

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