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Samsung Faces First Employee Strike In 50 Years

Labour unions of Samsung Electronics are threatening to strike for the first time in over 50 years.

Demands by four separate labour unions, representing more than 5,000 Samsung employees, for a pay rise and summer leave options have fallen on deaf ears, according to the Korea Herald.

“A walkout is one of our means to push through our calls,” Lee Hyun-kuk, a Samsung employee and trade union member, said during a press conference.

“We will start discussion this afternoon on the possible options to proceed wage negotiations, and a strike could take place if there is no other option left for us.”

Samsung employs more than 110,000 employees, so this represents a minor percentage of its total workforce.

Over a dozen rounds of talks between management and the unions have taken place since October, with no resolution.

The unions are asking for a A$11,600 pay rise for each employee, and for Samsung to begin paying overtime. Under the company’s current “comprehensive wage system”, overtime payments are baked into an employees basic salary.



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