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Samsung Delays Galaxy Note 9 Over Design Change

Samsung Vice Chairman, Lee Jae-Yong, has reportedly instructed engineers to make a minor design change on the Galaxy Note 9. The change is expected to delay the device’s launch by a fortnight – from July to the beginning of August.

According to Korea’s The BellVice Chairman Jae-Yong visited a Shenzhen store to trial some of the new Xiaomi, vivo and Oppo phones, and was inspired to make a design change on the new Note 9.

The news comes after DxOMark awarded Xiaomi’s new flagship phone, the Mi 8, a similar photo photographic score as Samsung’s Galaxy S9+.

The requested change will reportedly reduce the Galaxy Note 9’s front glass thickness by 0.5mm.

The forthcoming Note 9 was rumoured to feature 1.5mm thicker glass than its predecessor, albeit with more powerful hardware.

Many commentators forecast the Galaxy Note 9 will incorporate an in-display fingerprint scanner. Reduced glass thickness is therefore expected to enhance this feature.

The predecessing Galaxy Note 8 was globally launched in September. This year Samsung decided to bring up its Note 9 debut, reportedly to avoid impeding the launch of its highly anticipated ‘Galaxy X’.

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