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Apple To Unveil More Software, Not Hardware At WWDC

Recent reports suggest Apple will not unveil new hardware at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 4th, instead opting for new software according to “people familiar with the plans“.

As per BloombergApple is working on new a Macbook, Macbook Pro and iPad, though devices reportedly won’t be ready until later this year. Some commentators, however, predict the company may debut a new Apple watch at WWDC18.

Consensus is, this year’s WWDC will be very software driven, with tweaks including those aimed at reducing device addiction, and improving health.

The new iOS 12 is expected to unveil on Monday, with a ‘Digital Health Initiative’ tipped to be one of the main features. The function will allow users to see how long they’ve been on devices, with information bundled into the updated Settings app.

Google has already announced a similar function for ‘Android P’, as tech companies seek to reduce smartphone addiction.

Several new enhancements to Apple’s augmented reality developer tools are expected. ARKit 2.0 is expected to debut a new mode which will let users play AR games against each other, in the same virtual environment.

The software is expected to lay the foundation for Apple’s new AR headset, which is tipped to land in 2020.

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