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Samsung Could Put Your Face On Luna Park

Samsung will be giving a handful of people the opportunity for their face to be on Luna Park during Vivid Sydney this year.

As an official partner of the Vivid Sydney festival, Samsung will be creating an installation for this year’s festival named, ‘The Night. Reimagined.’ where participants will have an opportunity to turn their selfie into a personalised AR Emoji that will within moments be projected on to and become the new face of Luna Park.

The installation is a two-storey, 9-shaped labyrinth, featuring two kilometres of LED strip lights within a spiralling aperture structure.

Attendees will be able to pick ‘two paths’ to view the installation. The first ‘path’ takes participants to the AR Emoji and Slow-mo redefined features of the Samsung S9 and S9+, while the second leads visitors on an immersive audio light and soundscape experience.

Samsung does note that not everyone will get their face on the iconic amusement park with spaces limited.

‘The Night. Reimagined.’ installation will be on the Sydney Opera House Forecourt from 6pm every night during Vivid Sydney, from Friday May 25 May until Saturday June 16.


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