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Samsung Close To Producing QD OLED TV’s January Reveal Tipped

The battle between LG’s OLED technology and Samsung’s QLED displays is legendary, now Samsung is getting ready to produce their first QD-OLED display with a virtual reveal tipped for January 2021.

This past year Samsung Display has made a lot of in-roads in the production of cutting-edge displays including OLED displays for Apple iPhones.

According to Samsung sources in South Korea Samsung Display will run trials for the production line of the QD-OLED displays next month (December).

The production line for QD-OLED panels is reportedly called Q1 with the Company now focusing on OLED displays a move that could hurt LG Electronics if the Samsung offering takes off.

LG Display recently reported record growth for their Display Division.

The Q1 is an 8.5th generation line measuring (2,200×2,500mm). It will likely produce 15,000 substrates per month initially before swinging to the full 30,000 capacity.

A Quantum dot (QD) display uses quantum dots (semiconductor nanocrystals) to produce pure monochromatic red, green, and blue light. When a light wave strikes them, they emit colour.

The Samsung developed QD-OLED (Quantum Dot-Organic Light Emitting Diode) is a hybrid tech that aims to bring the best of both worlds (OLED, QD). As a result, you can get the perfect blacks, contrast like OLED, and brightness levels with colours like a typical QLED (Quantum LED).

The big difference in the battle QLED vs OLED, is that QLED has an LED backlight, a layer of Quantum Dot film, an LCD matrix, and a colour filter. However, OLED doesn’t have an LCD Matrix and uses an OLED light source (individual pixels light up/shut down) and a colour filter to produce the images.

Thus, by combining the best of QD from a QLED display and combining it with OLED, it will result in the new display offering.

Samsung sources claim that if all goes to plan it will take three months to set up the flow and six months to get the proper yield rates.

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