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Samsung CEO Wants To Link All Your Appliances And Devices

Samsung is focused on multi-device experiences that bring smart living and interconnectivity to all your appliances and devices.

Samsung Electronics President and CEO Kim Kyun-suk spoke at Nikkei’s Global Management Forum yesterday, where he unleashed some impressive statistics: 1.5 million Samsung devices are sold daily, with one third of the global population now owning a Samsung product.

And now, Samsung wants to connect them all.

“We would like to provide customised and automated services to make customers’ experiences within their homes richer,” he said, explaining how your fridge can recommend food, your watch will monitor your vitals, and your Galaxy smartphone will analyse it all.

Samsung has established a department dedicated to this interconnectivity, but it’s not without friction between the various other departments.

“Sometimes we face difficulty” Kim admitted. “We set the same vision and share it with all employees. It’s easy to say, but difficult to realise.”

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