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Samsung CEO Open To Working With LG On OLED

Samsung Electronics CEO Han Jong-hee has told reporters that his company is “wide open” to working with LG Display on a series of OLED televisions.

“I cannot say because there is nothing confirmed regarding the plan, but we are open to all options,” Han told reporters during a press conference in Las Vegas this week.

Han also touched upon the recent merging of key divisions within the company.

“Every year, 500 million Samsung Electronics devices are sold globally and the firm’s products and services have seeped into the daily lives of our customers,” he explained.

“With the newly merged device experience, or DX, division, we will take a lead forward and create a differentiated customer experience.”

Park Hyoung-sei, president of home entertainment at LG Electronics, told reporters during a press conference in Seoul that OLED talks with Samsung are welcome.

“In the past decade of taking the lead, LG Electronics has pioneered and spearheaded the OLED TV market, and now OLED panels have inarguably become mainstream in the advanced TV scene,” Park said.

“More TV set makers’ OLED adoption is a testament that OLED panels have won consumer trust, and that LG has made the right decision.

“We would definitely welcome Samsung Electronics‘ participation in the OLED camp, as long as it really happens.

“We‘ve seen 20 major TV makers join the OLED camp to adopt OLED technology for TV sets, and I would see Samsung’s move as a positive sign that OLED technology is receiving acknowledgment in a broader sense, given the potential of the OLED ecosystem to expand further.”

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