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Samsung Brings In A Firefighter After Galaxy Fold Debacle

When your shiny new tablet smartphones reputation is going up in flames what else better to do than start flogging a device that puts out fires.

Thats exactly what Samsung has done following the debacle surrounding their new Samsung Galaxy Fold.

The Company that already had a reputation for smartphones that burst into flame (Galaxy Note 7) has revealed a new invention called a Firevase that puts fires out.

At first glance, the Firevase, as the company has aptly dubbed the device, looks just like any other — a translucent red tube of PVC with a hollow centre compartment to house flowers or other plants.

What separates the vase from other decorative containers according to Samsung, is its ability to save lives.

In the throwable PVC vase’s outer chamber is a fire-killing mixture of potassium carbonate that is able to both cool and compress oxygen upon impact.

To activate the extinguisher/vase one need only follow a simple task: point and throw.

In a video demonstrating the Firevase, wielders are shown hurling the eye-pleasing vase directly at a blaze and then, in a mist of glass and water, the fire is extinguished.

According to Samsung, the Firevase looks to tackle issues with more traditional metal extinguishers that has relegated many to closets and other inaccessible locations: aesthetics.

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