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Samsung Bringing Major Improvements To Note7’s S-Pen

As part of their Unpacked 2016 event, Samsung have unveiled a number of big changes coming to the key accessory of their new Note7 phablet.

The stylus now boasts a sharper pen tip and increased pressure sensitivity to replicate the ease and accuracy of a real pen.

Word is these changes will allow for a more delicate expression and more natural handwriting. 

According to Samsung, “The optimized pen tip—which is possibly the most important component of a writing utensil—is made from an elastomer material that allows it to glide smoothly over the smartphone screen. It is also about 60 percent smaller than its predecessor, measuring 0.7 millimeters in diameter. The pen tip is comparable in size to that of a traditional writing tool, allowing for finer penmanship, and it is sharper to make the writing experience more natural and enable more detailed illustrations.”

The company advised that “Unlike other devices on the market, the Galaxy Note S Pen is battery-free and does not need to be charged. Furthermore, it is stored in the phone itself, making it easily accessible anytime, anywhere.”

The improved S-Pen will also include a number of new features from translation tech to an eraser function.


In addition, much like rest of the Galaxy S7 range, the S-Pen is water and dustproof.

Samsung’s Justin Denison even took a moment in the presentation to take a dig at Apple, saying that “Unlike some companies, we don’t treat key innovations like accessories.”

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