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Samsung And LG Display OLED Collab Held Back Until June

Samsung’s upcoming launch of new OLED TVs with LG Display panels has been pushed back a month until June, at the earliest.

The initial plan had been to unveil the anticipated units in May, but contract reevaluations after a year-end reshuffle have put things on hold temporarily.

Samsung’s highest decision-makers were already set on using W-OLED panels, and newly named Samsung CEO Han Jong-hee used a conference at CES 2022 to announce they were open to obtaining them from LG Display.

Samsung’s Business Support Task Force had approved the purchase, but the company are now looking at the contract from what is being described as a working-level perspective, which is causing the hold-up.

But once any creases are ironed out it will only be a matter of pressing go for assembly and manufacturing to kick off.

The hiccup appears to come down to dollars, as these things normally do. Samsung had apparently agreed to purchase the panels at a similar price to that which LG Display offer to LG Electronics.

Sources say LG Display offered them a lower price at the start of negotiations, and Samsung had suggested an even lower bottom line, hence the stall.

Still, what isn’t in doubt is the number of of units in question. Sources say Samsung are after around two million W-OLED panels, with plans to ship 1.5 million TVs. They also plan to ship 500,000 QD-OLED TVs, as well as three million miniLED TVs.

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