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Samsung Add Zen Ecosystems To SmartThings

Korean electronics giant Samsung has added new support for smart energy management company Zen Ecosystems’ products to its SmartThings subsidiary.

The integration allows SmartThings users with compatible Zen Ecosystems products to control their air-conditioner, set heating and cooling schedules, precool rooms and turn air conditioners on and off from anywhere with internet access.

The Zen Air allows users to remotely control and schedule their split system air conditioners to prevent unnecessary energy waste and the cost of their electricity bill.

In addition, the Zen HQ energy management portal adds centralised control of multiple air-conditioners throughout multiple sites.

Zen Ecosystems CEO James McPhail calls the Air “a simple update to existing air conditioning equipment [that] adds a new level of intelligence and a deeper level of comfort at home”.

Samsung Australia’s director of product and services, IT and Mobile Eric Chou said the new integration, coming after Australia sweltered through its hottest summer on record earlier this year, is part of the company’s “ongoing program to evolve and enhance the connected experiences that we offer in Australia”.

“Samsung is committed to working with our partners to integrate a wide range of connected products and services that can deliver tangible benefits to the everyday lives of our customers,” Mr Chou said.

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