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‘One Boeing 787, Please’: Michael Dell’s Tall Order

The PC tycoon has ordered a Boeing 787 Dreamliner and plans to lease the Dreamliner plane through an aircraft leasing arm of AIG, reports the WSJ.

Perhaps he is hoping for a big turnaround for his company, currently No. 3 in the PC market, having been overtaken by HP and Lenovo, and plans to travel the globe convincing retailers and clients alike that Dell PCs really are the best.

However, with rumours Microsoft may be interested in buying part of Dell (1bn-$3bn stake), which is said to be looking to go private, maybe he is banking on Microsoft paying over the odds for a share of the PC giant, which he owns 15% of.

Dell’s CEO owns his own private aircraft and is reimbursed by the company for some of its use to the tune of $2.3 million 2012, according to the report.