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Quickflix Gets Cosy With LG TVs

Quickflix Gets Cosy With LG TVs
Quickflix Gets Cosy With LG TVs
LG extends its devices to Quickflix’s movie service, the Aussie video streaming content company struggling after a series of recent financial setbacks.

The deal extends to LG televisions and Blu-ray devies in Australia and New Zealand.

Quickflix announced the deal with LG to distribute the Quickflix digital service through connected LG televisions and Blu-ray players, although we’re awaiting confirmation on whether the deal is for new devices only.

The partnership is scheduled to go into effect in the first quarter of 2013.

The LG partnership will make Quickflix the most accessible subscription service of its kind, with its pay-per-view movies and TV content to hit audiences numbering “millions”, the company claims.

 “We estimate the potential addressable audience for Quickflix streaming to now be in the many millions,” says Quickflix CEO Stephen Langsford.

 “We are delighted to be making Quickflix available to owners of LG televisions and Blu-ray players.”

Quickflix has hooked up with every device it can manage of late – from Kobos, humax PVRs, Panasonic and Samsung devices including Samsung Galaxy Tabs.