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Garmin At The Fore Of Athlete Watches

Garmin At The Fore Of Athlete Watches

The Forerunner 610 is the upcoming flagship model of the Forerunner series that is targeted specifically at runners looking to boost their game.

The 610 is a wearable GPS device that features a sensitive, water resistant touch screen that lets users navigate menus with simple taps and slides of the finger. The touch screen can also be operated with gloves despite being button-less on its face while sporting three edge buttons.

The wrist-bound device tracks pace, distance and time as well as heart rate. A vibration function and audio tones act as highlighters of heart rate, pace and distance intervals for tracking performance without having to look down at the watch.

A history of performance including calories burnt, average pace and previous times are all located in a simple dedicated menu.

Added features top the deal, like a feature that measure the impact of the user’s run on aerobic fitness. There’s also the ability to race against other runners and previous times with the Virtual Racer function that lets users compete against data downloaded from Garmin Connect.

Garmin’s Forerunner 610 will see the first light of day at the Australian Fitness & Health Expo at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre this weekend. The 610 is set to hit stores in May.