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Forget WWDC: First Samsung ‘Developer Conference’ In October

Forget WWDC: First Samsung

Announced this week, Samsung’s first ever ‘Developer Conference’ offers developers the chance to engage and ‘collaborate with fellow developers’ and ‘learn about Samsung new tools and SDKs’ (software development kit), according to a (fiercely boring) email invite sent yesterday. 

The Samsung-only event, due to take place in San Francisco this October 27-29, may be a further sign the Galaxy maker is pulling away from Google, the platform it owes much of its mobile success to, via the Android platform.
However, a Samsung rep told Ars Technica it will be a  “cross-product, cross-platform” event.

But Samsung is increasingly looking to Microsoft Windows OS on both smartphones and tablets as well as developing its own Tizen platform, as alternatives to Android. 
Currently the No. 1 phone maker globally and by far the biggest Android device maker, it is believed be looking to lessen its dependency on Google’s platform, such is its (now) colossal brand power.  
High attendance at Samsung Developer Conference will also be a further sign of the Koreans’ power in the mobile sphere, independent of any one platform. 
Its arch Apple runs a successful Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) annually, where it announces new software for its iOS devices, which receives massive media attention, as does Google with its annual I/O event.