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Telstra Joins Samsung In Cuddling Up To Microsoft

Telstra has joined Samsung by jumping into bed with Microsoft with the struggling carrier set to move their cloud platform to the software Companies Azure platform.

Telstra has in the past been the exclusive provider for Microsoft’s Xbox All Access product in Australia, and the companies had collaborated on Telstra Data Hub.

In other moves the two are set to work on developing 5G and artificial intelligence solutions for the Australian market.

The companies said that Microsoft would become Telstra’s preferred cloud provider, and its Azure cloud platform will become the foundation for Telstra’s own business transformation.

Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella said the broad adoption of cloud and 5G technology will create new opportunities for businesses worldwide, including in Australia.

“We’re expanding our partnership with Telstra and bringing together the power of Azure and Telstra’s network to build new solutions in critical areas like asset tracking, supply chain management, and smart spaces, harnessing the latest advances in AI, digital twins, and mixed reality.”

Dog loving Telstra CEO Andy Penn said, “Expanding our strategic alliance with Microsoft means we can focus on developing and co-collaborating on innovative and sustainable products, driving efficiency within our own business and our customers’,”

“Today’s announcement formalises some of the streams of work we are already collaborating on as well as new initiatives we will work on together. The global scale of Microsoft’s platform, tools, and applications, together with Telstra’s network solutions, reliability and leadership, will drive new and unique solutions for Australia.”

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