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Right To Repair Could Lead To Mass Counterfeit Problem In Oz

During last week’s Productivity Commission’s inquiry into the Right To Repair laws, the Consumer Electronics Suppliers Association said “major household appliances (including home entertainment and AV devices) should be exempt” from the proposed regulations, as these items are already protected by Australian consumer law.

“We believe repair cannot be undertaken by just anyone,” the CESA said. “There are some repair operations that are easy and for those there are tools available today.

“There are other key repair operations for major appliances, however, that must be performed by professional repairers, who will take liability and responsibility for their work.”

LG also kicked against these laws, saying that it would force manufacturers to reveal the inner workings of products within a competitive field rife to counterfeit products.

LG recommended that “overall community safety and manufacturers’ product technical data are kept protected, that highly technical, complex and confidential data is not accessible where product safety and integrity may be compromised and counterfeit production is a risk”.

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