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REVIEW: Swann Alert Indoor Security Camera

Whether you want an indoor security camera for checking in on your pet during the day or keeping sure your home is safe when you’re away, Swann’s Alert Indoor Security Camera has multiple features for a wide range of needs.

As a security camera, Swann’s model is equipped with heat, motion, sound and person sensing and alert you to the presence in your home via the Swann app on your phone.

Within the app you can adjust how sensitive each of these metrics are, so you’re not inundated with false alarms. For example, if you have pets you could turn off motion sensors but turn on person detection. In order to avoid outside motion from unnecessarily setting off the alarm, try and point the camera downwards and into the room.

If you want to use it to keep an eye on your pet, there is a two-way audio feature (which Swann points out could also be used to communicate to family members or warn away intruders). It also works well as a baby monitor.

It has a wide 110° angle and 1080p HD, recording clear footage both day and night. The camera can also record sound if you wish, though this feature can be turned off in the app.

The camera automatically saves recorded clips to a secure cloud on a 7-day rolling basis, as well as a short-term offline back-up. Live recordings can be viewed through the Swann app. (If you do want to deactivate a sound alarm, this can be done from the live view screen in the app).

The Swann app can manage multiple Swann security cameras if you’re looking to cover multiple areas. If you want more than one person to be able to view your security cameras via the app (such as your partner or a family member) simply log in with the same details within the app.

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