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REVIEW: New Arlo Video Doorbell Takes It Right Up To Ring

Ring set the pace, now Arlo is coming up from behind in the security doorbell market with an all-new Essential Wire Free Video doorbell that’s remarkably easy to install.

The new Arlo video doorbell has a 1:1 aspect viewing angle and super-wide 180-degree field of view.

Video is recorded in 1080p and with HDR, while night video enables crisp views even in the dark, on one occasion I was able to clearly see a possum who was sniffing around my courtyard and had set off the security lights.

The wide-angle 180-degree viewing angle, is designed to capture people head-to-toe, rather than cropping off their legs, as most doorbells do, it also allows you to identify whether a device or package has been left at the door.

Out of the box, I was able to install this doorbell in 10 minutes and get it operational, allowing me to get instant vision to my mobile phone.

It can also be can connect to your Wi-Fi network directly or an existing Arlo base station if you already have one.

What I recommend is that the night before you plan to install this device you take the battery out and charge it, the battery will last for at least four to five months depending on how you configure it.

While Arlo is talking up the ability to get alerts to a mobile phone due to the video capability of the device, I believe it’s equally important that it works as a doorbell and what I recommend is that you buy the Arlo doorbell chime which can be located anywhere in a house.

For example, if you are living in a house where entry is on one level and the main living area on another you can locate the doorbell chime by simply plugging it into a power source and if you are having a barbecue outside and are expecting guests you can easily locate it where you can hear it.

The downside is that you will have to search the Arlo support database to get instructions on how to pair the chime and you will need an Arlo base station to connect the doorbell chime which is a problem that Arlo need to address, as I personally believe that a combination Video Doorbell and Chime should be packaged together.

When pressed, the Arlo Essential will call your mobile phone, enabling a two-way conversation with the visitor. You can also have them leave a voicemail, for you to listen to later.

The high resolution and quality video are as good as several other competitors especially the Ring offering which is the market leader in the category.

I highly recommend that you pay for the Arlo Smart video subscription cloud service as it allows you to go back and retrieve video and to check what happened if anything goes wrong.

Included in the package is not only detection and smart notifications but an ability to identify people, animals, and vehicles.

Another benefit is the activity zones that allows you to only monitor the part of the image that you’re interested in, which is rare on battery-powered products.

When you have set up the device a press of the doorbell will result in your phone actually ringing as though there’s an incoming call.

This makes doorbell presses easier to spot than with models that simply send a basic notification to your phone.

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