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REVIEW: Lenovo Smart Display With Google Voice Is Unique Due To Qualcomm Processor

First It was Amazon, then JBL announced the Link View smart speaker with a video subwoofer and Google Voice capability but it is the stylish new Lenovo Smart Display that is attracting attention.

Unlike the JBL and Amazon offering this device is built by the world’s biggest PC Company who have a reputation for delivering stylish Lenovo notebooks.

Streamlined and minimalist the Lenovo Smart Display has a hidden component that I believe gives it an edge. It has Qualcomm processor the delivers information quicker than there two other competitors. This is advanced technology that one would expect from a Company like Lenovo who are used to delivering thin stylish notebooks.

The first thing you notice about the 10-inch model is that it has a stylish white trim and what looks like a sculptured bamboo-like texture on the back.

The speaker that pumps out excellent music is located at the front of the device and the 1,920 x 1,200 screen delivers an excellent picture including access to YouTube content at the uttering of a voice command.


Before you buy one of these new videos’ devices, I suggest you work out what you really want the device for, watching movies, listening to movies or an all-round device that delivers information quickly.

If it’s solely music the JBL Link View does come with its own subwoofer whereas the Lenovo offering very quickly delivered the information I wanted whether it was airline flights or conversion of currency.

At CES 2019, Google announced partnerships with several third parties to build new smart assistant speakers featuring Google Assistant and screens with several major upgrades tipped for later this year. Processing Google information and a voice request quickly is critical which is why the Qualcomm process is giving the Lenovo product an edge.

The outside of the device features a volume button a camera and voice on ‘off microphone switch with a red indicator telling you whether there device is actually off,

With the Lenovo device I was able to watch YouTube videos which I was unable to do with the Amazon Echo Show. The quality and above all the audio were good.

The Lenovo Smart Display is designed to do all the things that a Google Home or Google Home Mini can do. But the big difference is that you now get visual instructions on how to cook and if all else fails you can also call up a YouTube video for help.

You can also customise the home screen with pics from Google Photos or direct from the images stored on your smartphone or tablet.

After CES 2019 I believe that the Google Assistant video devices will become a key integration and management point for devices running in your home. You call already ask it to connect to a security camera or Nest product and the integration of lighting and other controllable device is set to explode this year as more manufacturers deliver products that integrate in to Google Voice technology which is fast becoming the dominant voice technology in Australia.

You can use the app to connect smart home devices and streaming music so that you can turn smart lights on or off by using your voice.

The display features home screen tabs that you can customize by user through Voice Match as well as Routines. For example, you can set it up so that when you say, “Hey Google, good morning,” it can turn on a light in the room, give you a list of appointments for the day, tell you what the weather was like outside, and show you YouTube videos on the latest news of the day.

Conclusion At $329 for a 10″ model and $229 for an 8″ model these two products are well worth the money. Lenovo produce high quality products and the inclusion of a Qualcomm chip which is a similar processor to what’s in most smartphones is a big plus as it delivers processing grunt. It’s stylish and I suspect that the more you use it the more you will fall in love with the Lenovo Smart Display.

RATING: 9/10

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