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REVIEW: JBL’s Reflect Flow Pros Suit Active Living

JBL Reflect Flow Pro earbuds are designed for movement, for knocking about a bit while you exercise. The box shows them effortlessly shaking water off themselves, and boasts of their “rugged” qualities.

The press release even suggests you can wear then while surfing, which seems rather impractical and nigh-useless, but the point is that these IP68 certified bad boys can withstand being under salt water, can goo through an accidental spin cycle in the wash, or withstand a flood-level drenching.

While I didn’t test take them to the ocean, it is true they can survive a dunking in water, which makes heavy cleaning a possibility, and can be hurled around the room without damage (not recommended by the way.)

JBL’s Powerfin ear tip design is secure and, while it takes so getting used to, you will soon wonder how you did without this extra level of grip. Each pair comes with three fins and three tips to fit all ears.

Performance-wise, they boast 6.8mm dynamic drivers for crystal clear sound, a thwacking bass sound that doesn’t disintegrate into mush, and 30 hours of playtime (ten in the phones, another twenty in the box) although this will vary depending on how often you use Adaptive Noise Cancelling or Smart Ambient modes.

One-touch call-taking, as well as Google and Alexa support means you can toggle from music listening to a call, and back again without any hassle – which is basically all the toggling one tend to really need from a pair of earbuds.

At $269.95, these are both serious audio products, and an affordable option for an everyday pair of earbuds that are far more useful than most.

As mentioned, the ability to truly relax when it comes to bumps and water is worth the price alone.

See you in the surf – but I probably won’t hear you.

Available at JB Hi-Fi

RATING: 9.5/10

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