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Yamaha’s New Range Boasts ‘Next Generation Hi-Fi’

Yamaha have expanded their range of premium home entertainment solutions with the new component Hi-Fi 2000 Series. The new series is made up of the R-N2000A Network Receiver and the NS-2000A Floor-standing Hi-Fi Speaker.

The new range borrows advanced analog technology from the existing Hi-Fi 5000 and 3000 series, making it available at a much lower price point.

Yamaha are an audio company in “thorough pursuit of True Sound; to articulate all the intents of the artist and stir the emotions of the listener.” The company claims that the core elements of their audio vision – Tonal Balance, Dynamics, and Sound Image – result in a “profound musical experience, so realistic you’ll feel as if the artist were performing right in front of you.”

The R-N2000A boasts support for DSD up to 11.2MHz and incorporates “a variety of technologies adopted from our [their] flagship Hi-Fi amplifier.”

Fitted with Yamaha’s YPAO (Yamaha Parametric Room Acoustic Optimizer), the R-N2000A is able to adapt playback based on environment, ensuring users get the optimal listening experience.

Yamaha have installed all power amplifier circuitry completely independent from the ground, which along with a perfectly symmetrical construction, eliminates the effects of minute voltage fluctuations and enables remarkable and expressive power in drawing out and reproducing musical instruments.

The Japanese tech conglomerate has equipped the R-N2000A with their MusicCast technology, allowing users to connect compatible devices and access various streaming services such as Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Music and more.

Yamaha  have taken just as much care in developing their NS-2000A Floor-standing Hi-Fi Speaker. The speaker system is based on the design concepts of pursuing Tonal Balance featured in the companies flagship speaker range. The NS-2000A have been fitted with the company’s ne Harmonious Diaphragm that is constructed from a ZYLON blend, a material in high end grand piano soundboards.

The construction of the cabinet itself has been done using laser vibrometers and sophisticated FEM (Finite Element Method) analysis. The cross piece has been optimally reinforced, ensuring solid low-frequency response.

Yamaha have implemented their own Acoustic Absorber resonance tube, to eliminate standing waves and reduces the need for sound-absorbing material, preventing playback being muffled and true sound being lost. Unnecessary resonance is cancelled out by Resonance Supression chambers which are mounted behind the diaphragms.

Yamaha have been inspired by their history of piano craftsmanship in designing the new range, adopting the black gloss finish of their grand pianos on the NS-2000A.

As Yamaha have stated, the “extraordinary combination of our latest Hi-Fi components, the R-N2000A and NS-2000A, provides the discerning and style-conscious listener with exceptional quality and a new truly Hi-Fi audio life, developed for the modern era.”

The Yamaha Hi-Fi 2000 range is due for arrival in Spring, with prices yet to be announced.

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