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REVIEW: Jabra Elite 25e Wireless Headphones, Fit For Every Occasion

Nowadays fitness is a way of life and having multiple wireless devices is essential, so it would make sense to combine the two making wireless headphones for the gym.

This is where Jabra comes in and dominates the competition.

The Jabra Elite 25e wireless headphones are aimed at those wanting one headphone for multiple activities, i.e. work and gym and to be used no matter what the weather is like outside.

The headphones are equipped with a microphone and long-life battery, so you can have conference calls without the fear of your headphones dropping out and low-quality audio.

The wireless feature means you can pop your smartphone in your pocket or in a band on your arm giving a user the freedom to run around without being tied down.

In the box you’re given the headphones, three EarGels, a USB cable and a quick start guide.

Setting Up

In the box Jabra gives you three different ear pieces which are named ‘EarGels’ – small, medium and large- to suit every users ear. I first tried the medium and switched to small.

It took me a while to get the hang of in-ear headphones, as I am a habitual user of the white iPhone headphones, so my ears weren’t accustomed to the in-ear experience.

When setting up you must make sure they’re in properly otherwise you will not get the best sound experience. For the first time you pop them in you do have to fiddle to make sure they are sitting correctly otherwise you’ll find the sound seems distant.


On the left-hand side of the neckband there is a button with a microphone symbol which activates either Siri or Google Assistant, for my device it was Siri.

To use, press the button and after a few seconds you will hear the classic Siri awake noise and then you can ask the smart assistant a question. To disable Siri/Google Assistant press the left button again.

The microphone is adjacent to the microphone icon and when placed around my neck about 10cm from my mouth, so I didn’t have to pull a cord up to chat.

The Jabra Elite 25e Heading to the gym I was a bit worried that when I was doing cardio, that the neckband would move around and annoy me during my workout.

Running on the treadmill and using the cross trainer I did not notice the neckband at all.

However, what I did notice was having them in my ears for over an hour my ears began to ache even though Jabra is advertising an ‘improved fit for all-day comfort’.

Jabra is marketing the Elite 25e for all day use with both audio play and phone calls. When taking a call with the headphones on, the sound is clear enough and they work like any other Bluetooth headphones.

You can also reject calls with the middle button.

I did have some issues for some calls with the person on the other line sounding like they were on speaker when they said they had their phone up to their ear.

I was assured by my colleague that on her end the sound was perfect.

When there is an incoming call, the headphones pulse quickly and of course you hear the tone in your headphones.

To accompany the Elite 25e headphones – and most Jabra products – you can download the Jabra Assist app (available both on iOS and Android) where you can read various manuals, turn on message read out for the headphones and use find my Jabra.

I decided to test find my Jabra, when you activate the function the headphones omit a high-pitched beep. On the app you can change the volume in case the noise is not apparent.

It is a handy feature as headphones are on the top of the list when it comes to most misplaced possessions.

Jabra Elite 25e technical specs


Once you’ve gotten the perfect fit with the earphones you will experience a crisp sound resonating from the Elite 25e.

The bass is deep, you can hear every instrument and noise emanating from the song. It also helps when the headphones are deep in your ear, so you shouldn’t miss a thing.

Wearing them to and from work travelling on public transport they are great for cutting out background noise.

I would say they block out 90 per cent of background noises i.e. you hear a loud siren but most of the time it’s you and the music.

Jabra has always been at the top of their game when it comes to sound quality and the Jabra Elite 25e are no exception.

Battery Life

Jabra markets these headphones to last 18 hours which is pretty much true.

These are long lasting headphones, I have had them for nearly two months and have only needed to get them charged up once.

After the first initial charge they lasted around 18 hours. I use them for an hour in the morning and an hour on the way home. However, some days I didn’t use them as much or at all.

It took about four weeks of irregular use to get the battery drained.


Let’s be honest here, these aren’t the prettiest headphones I’ve ever seen but that’s not why they were manufactured.

The neckband is where all the controls are kept, on the left-hand side is the button to activate either Siri or Google Assistant. On the right-hand side

The neckband looks sleek and modern but just because something is modern does not mean its stylish.

The neckband is a staple with Jabra and can be seen on a number of its other products like the Elite 65e and Elite 45e.

The earbuds have magnets in them so when they’re not in use – around your neck or on a surface – you can snap them together for easier storage.

The Elite 25e have been built for any weather, with a dust and water resistance level of IP54. They are also wind resistant.

So, when you’re caught in the rain you don’t have to make the mad dash undercover to protect your technology.

They come in silver or black.


These wireless headphones are $129.95 which makes them an affordable piece of hardware compared to other brands.

For reference the Jabra 65T wireless earbuds are $299.95.

They are available online and at third-party retailers such as JB Hi-Fi.


Set up for these headphones is a breeze and finding the right fit is a trial and error with the various EarGels they give you.

The sound is impeccable, but you’d expect that with the earbuds shoved in your ears.

These headphones are for those who are in the market for a set of headphones that can be used in various aspects of a user’s day whether it be at work, during a commute or an intense workout.

Jabra is a brand that would choose substance over style and has proven itself once again with these Elite 25e.




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