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REVIEW: Edifier S1000DB – Big, Bold Speakers Which Pack A Punch

As premium speakers continue to decrease in size, Edifier’s ‘SB1000DB’ Active Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers dare to go the other way. These retroesque Hi-Fi speakers are big, bold and definitely not for the timid.


From the moment you receive Edifier’s S1000DB (A$699), one thing is instantly clear – these are really heavy speakers. Seriously, really, they’re heavy. Carrying them from my car to lounge room was a difficult endevour. Ensure your IKEA TV unit is strong enough to support these.

Sold as a pair, both speakers feature a medium toned wooden veneer, with the drivers peeking through removable grilles. Together, the materials appear stylish and high quality.

Once arranged the speakers instantly pack a visual punch. They are big, bold, heavy speakers which make a statement, and if desired can become a room’s focal point.

The quality of materials appears high end, and the speaker’s angled front adds an interesting stylistic element. Edifier states the angled front creates a “larger sound with a low frequency” whilst reducing sound resonance.

The right hand master speaker features a singular LED light on the bottom, which displays various colours to inform the user what its connected to (e.g. a blue light means you’re connected to Bluetooth).

On the rear back of both speakers are several dials which allow the user to customise their sound preference – treble, bass and volume.

Unfortunately, this would be better placed at the front or side of the speakers, for better accessibility. For example, my housemate likes less bass than I do, and its bothersome reaching to the back of the speakers constantly.

There is also the standard array of connection points, offering wired use with optical, coaxial, PC and AUX inputs. Standard cables come packed in the box.

Edifier states the S1000DB are the “perfect speakers” for “gaming set-ups, PCs and consoles” – but I do have to assert that their heavy weight is a point of consideration when assessing a location for wired device connections.

To alleviate this, the S1000DB also offers wireless connection via Bluetooth aptX.

The S1000DB includes a compact little wireless remote control. Users can easily change the volume and inputs. The remote’s simplistic controls compliment the bookshelf speakers’ overall ease of use.


Courtesy of Bluetooth aptX Edifier claims the speakers support high quality streaming – a claim I found largely substantiated across many platforms including; Spotify, Deezer and YouTube.

Trialled for nearly a month with frequent use, there were no instances where Bluetooth connection dropped out. Sound quality remained clear, crisp and customisable via the rear dials.

For the tech-heads out there, here’s a list of the product’s full specifications:

Audio Quality

Technical or not, I find the angled front of the speakers very visually appealing. It makes them stand out amongst the standard design of otherwise ‘boxy’ speakers. However, Edifier’s claims that the design feature enhances the sound quality, is a welcome addition.

Overall, bass comes through deep, warm and dynamic and is incredibly tight. The bass dial is smooth to control, and is easy to gauge a measurement.

The S1000DB’s treble works with an “advanced titanium dome tweeter”, with features no major distortion despite increasing volume levels. I was seriously impressed.

As a summary – upbeat pop and party tunes sound great. Mellow tunes with background bass are especially moving.

However, I will say the speakers’ mid-range strength does come up a little short compared to other speakers I’ve trialed in this price range. Heavy vocal tracks do not play as distinctively as other speakers I’ve tried. But I’m just being somewhat picky here, largely because of the product’s comparative cost.


Edifier’s S1000DB speakers are a beautiful piece of engineering and are stylistically stunning. They cater to individuals who demand more than just technical function, and crave artistic expression.

Channelling “the classics” these large bookshelf speakers offer customisable audio, and are not afraid to ‘go big or go home’. Sound quality is largely brilliant, and will likely not disappoint.

However, as Hi-Fi speakers continue to reduce in size and cost, the S1000DB’s comparative high price and heavy weight is a consideration.

interestingly, as the dawn of the smart speaker (with Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri built-in) continues to intensify, it’ll be interesting to see where technology as this will position itself in the coming future.


Individuals can purchase Edifier’s S1000DB Active Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers online for A$699.

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