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Review: Bauhn 65-inch 4K Ultra HD TV Delivers High-End Results For Low-End Price

High tech doesn’t have to mean high price. Once you’ve slipped across the threshold, from traditional high definition video content into 4K Ultra HD, it becomes hard to understate just how important the price-point of a TV becomes.

Enter ALDI’s new Bauhn 65-inch 4K Ultra High Definition LCD LED TV.

The company’s previous efforts have made waves among Australian consumers and this TV looks certain to resonate with an even wider audience, bringing 4K Ultra HD to the masses. It’s both bigger and better than last year’s 55-inch TV and boasts an unprecedented pricepoint that’s going to hit ALDI’s competitors where it hurts and send shockwaves through the entire industry.

Even when you evaluate the Bauhn 65-inch on a technical level, ALDI are still coming out on top. The display touts resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels and refresh rate of 60Hz and, considering the price, those numbers sell themselves. It’s an incredibly comprehensive package no matter how or where you intend to set the TV up. The slimline design casts a distinguished silhouette. It is a natural magnet for attention – and it deserves to be.

For the uninitiated, Ultra 4K afford spectacular image quality. Edges look sharper, colours look brighter and environments more detailed. Upscaling is also supported, lending even older content a renewed sharpness and vigour.

Once you’ve seen 4K Ultra HD in action, it feels impossible to go back to traditional high-definition content. It’s a cliché but it’s true – and it applies whether you’re looking to use the 65-inches of high-resolution display for sports, cinema or video games.

The gift of choice is very much in your hands. For the sports fanatics and the series addicts Connecting the TV to a set top box like FetchTV or a Chromecast opens the gates to Netflix and other streaming services – which are now offering Ultra 4K Content. What’s more, this library of content is only going to grow over time. While your access to it may be dependent on your internet speed, the overall gains are well worth it.

It’s the content you want to be watching in 2016 – and you’re watching it in the highest possible resolution. If you’re looking to schedule, time-shift or playback recordings – ALDI have you covered too, presuming you have a spare USB to store them on.

Most of the time Smart TVs just mean another additional layer of functionality in between you and Netflix – and one that often bumps up the price of the TV itself by several hundred or thousand dollars. However, even when the additional cost of something like a ChromeCast or Apple TV enters the equation, the amount of money you’re saving compared to a full-blown smart TV is staggering.

Price-points are always going to matter – but the way in which they matter has shifted somewhat with the leap forward to Ultra 4K. Any additional bells, whistles and additional technical investments can only offer incremental improvements to 4K that aren’t easily explained, let alone seen – except when it comes to the price tag. The jump to 4K is easy to see, the impact of motion smoothing isn’t. In short: ALDI are keeping to the features you actually want with this TV.

When it comes to buying a TV, the biggest factor often isn’t size – it’s value. You want to know that what you’re buying will still look impressive in five years time – and beyond. ALDI are delivering both here. They’re offering a cutting-edge tech that’s worth the money and a price-point that’s hard to ignore. You’re not just upgrading your TV – you’re readily futureproofing it.


With more and more TV shows and movie studios moving to 4K Ultra HD, there’s never been a better time to jump on board and cross the threshold. It’s an investment that sets a new standard when it comes to value in home entertainment and you’d be foolish to pass on what ALDI are selling here.

SCORE: 4.5/5


The Bauhn 65-inch is available through ALDI for a price of $799.

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