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Retailers Join Apple Pay Push

Retailers Join Apple Pay Push

It may not help them much, but the organisation representing major retailers has joined the big three banks – CBA, NAB and Westpac – in attacking Apple over its policy that currently prevents third-party payment applications from using the communications chip on the iPhone.

Apple’s own Apple Pay application is currently the only app able to use the iPhone’s “near field communication” (NFC) chip, the technology that communicates with point-of-sale terminals to facilitate “tap and go” or “pay-wave” payments.

Apple has declined to make the technology available to the three banks unless they agree to give Apple a share of the transaction fees. So far the ANZ is the only Aussie bank to agree to this.

According to an Australian Retailers Association submission to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, new “digital wallet” services are unlikely to succeed unless they are available on all the major mobile phone platforms, including Apple’s iPhone. But so far neither the retailers nor the big-three banks appear to be offering Apple a share of the spoils.

ACCC chairman Rod Sims has said the commission has an open mind on the issue and will deliver a draft determination in October.

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