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Report: iPhone Loyalty At All-Time Low

A new report claims iPhone loyalty has dropped to an all-time low, as more consumers trade in their Apple products for other devices.

The survey, reported on CNET and conducted by BankMyCell, claims that iPhone retention is down 15% over the last year.

Tracking the trading habits of 38,000 users, the report suggests that 26% of people trading in their iPhone X moved onto another brand, while just 7.7% of Samsung users switched to an iPhone.

The report found that 92.3% of people trading in their Android devices stayed on with Android-run smartphones.

The data suggests that in total, 18% of people who traded in any model iPhone switched to a Samsung device.

BankMyCell did however state that its data is based on people who use its trading services directly and acknowledged that they don’t represent overall sales.

Kantar Group also released a report stating that during the quarter ending June 2019, iOS-based devices accounted for 36% of phone sales in the US, which is down 2.4% from the same quarter last year.

Android phone sales were up 2.5% to 61% of all sales.

Another report by Gartner reports that phone shipments are seeing their worst decline ever, estimating global shipments will fall by 68 million devices this year.

“If mobile phones don’t provide significant new utility, efficiency or experiences, users won’t upgrade them, and will consequently increase these devices’ lifespans,” Ranjit Atwal, research director at Gartner, said in a statement.

On the flip side, other data from companies like CIRP has suggested the opposite, stating that iOS loyalty is in fact continuing to hit new highs.

In January, on a report on 9to5mac, CIRP said that iOS loyalty was currently at 91%.

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