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‘Replace On Failure’ 207 OZ Cisco Access Points Broken

Cisco access points have been deemed so broken that the company has issued a ‘field notice’ with the solution to replace the 207 AP’s in Australia ‘on failure’.

Issued on 18 January, Cisco announced that several Wi-Fi devices may experience connectivity issues and fail to join its controller.

‘Out-Of-The-Box AP Fails to Join Controller or Joins with Single Radio Due to Country Mismatch – Replace on Failure’.

‘A newly installed Access Point (AP) fails to join its controller or it joins the controller, but is only able to bring up one radio due to a manufacturing mismatch between the AP’s domain and the radio’s domain’.

The issue is said to be affecting 87 different models of AP’s across several countries, attributing the issue to incorrect radio configuration of the Cisco Aironet 1815 Series Access Points.

‘In the manufacturing process, the radios for some APs were set for regulatory domains which do not match the Product ID (PID)’.

According to Cisco, ‘There is a total of 207 AP’s that have been affected across Australia, and globally it was less than 1800 AP’s. The majority of the units have already been RMA’d (Return Merchandise Authorisation) via our CX Centre (formerly TAC)’.

While no list of countries has been released by Cisco, the fine print does detail ‘delays of up to 3 months depending on importation regulations’.

Fortunately, Cisco AP’s are in general supply and can be shipped with 28 days.

The Cisco issue is currently affecting these models – 2802E/I, 3802E/I/P, 1815T, 4800 – with the majority already returned.

To identify affected products, please use the Serial Number Validation Tool.

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