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Realme Slumps 47% As Australians Turn Off Chinese Smartphone Brands

Struggling Chinese brand Realme has seen traffic to their Australian web site slump 47% with the site only attracting 2.3M Unique visitors in July, the slump is blamed on anti-China sentiment.

Globally the Company is still trying to claim they are the fastest growing smartphone brand in the world despite the brand being on the nose in India a former strong market for the Chinese brand and slumping in Australia.

During COVID-19 Realme Australia which is owned by BBK Electronics the same Company that owns Oppo and Vivo has seen their local web site traffic slump from 7.5M in March to just 2.3 in July, time on the site also fell 41% according to SEMrush analytics.

Nearly half of the traffic to the Australian site came from India.

Realme entered the Australian market claiming they were the fastest growing smartphone brand despite leading mobile phone research Companies Gartner and IDC failing to recognise the brand.

Over the weekend the Company attempted to spruik Chinese consumers after being dumped in India a key market for the brand.

Li Bingzhong (Sky Li), the brand’s founder and CEO claimed on Weibo that realme continued to be the fastest-growing smartphone brand in four consecutive quarters. Above all, it ranked number 7 seven globally in the last quarter in terms of market share.

He claimed that in the next two years, the brand will focus more on AIoT and expanding its presence in more markets. The executive wishes his company to become a leading player in almost all regions such as South Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, Latin America, China, and Russia.

Australia was missing from his growth market claims.

He said that the Company aims to sell 100 million units of smartphones annually in order to sit beside mainstream brands.

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