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Razer Brings Gaming-Grade WiFi Networking To Homes

As a leading tech brand for gamers, Razer, has announced its partnership with Ignition Design Labs, to collaborate and optimise the features of its award-winning Portal Wi-Fi router, specifically for gaming.

The news comes as Razer continues to evolve its suite of gaming-grade software and hardware.

Razor claims it identified device connectivity as a major area that needed improvement, with many gamers agreeing that a sub-par router is the cause of gaming lag, screen tearing and buffering.

The mesh-capable Portal Wi-Fi router claims to alleviate these issues, to successfully meet the demands of high bandwidth gaming and streaming applications.

The ‘Portal By Razer’ Wi-Fi router will retail for A$279.95 is now available to purchase from Razer’s website, however, will roll out globally within the first quarter of 2018.

Razer Co-Founder and CEO Min-Liang Tan, states that the company is seeking to elevate the performance of Wi-Fi to create “the best gaming and entertainment experiences for our fans all over the world”.

Terry Ngo, CEO of Ignition Design Labs, affirms that the partnership with Razer will “transform Wi-Fi networking into a competition-beating advantage for the world’s foremost gaming and entertainment ecosystem”.

Product Specifications:


  • Patented congestion-busting technologies enabling fastest speeds and lowest latency, critical for the best gaming experiences
    • FastLanes™ Simultaneous Multi-Channel DFS technology enables your devices to operate in exclusive radar-protected channels avoiding unreliable & slow WiFi in peak hours
    • SmartLanes™ Intelligent Active Traffic and Interference Avoidance technology steers your devices to uncrowded, clean, fast channels
  • Latest Generation Quad-Stream 802.11ac with Wave-2 MU-MIMO providing powerful Gigabit connectivity for advanced mobile and gaming devices
  • Advanced QoS (quality of service) management prioritizes gaming traffic for optimum speed and latency
  • Mesh 2.0 establishes a blanket of fast, ultra-reliable WiFi coverage for homes up to 6,000 sq. ft. using just two Portal units (where other competitors require three units or more)
  • WiFi AutoPilot™ adaptive roaming technology steers high bandwidth client devices to the fastest channel and the closest mesh node for optimum performance

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