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Razer Hammerhead True Wireless and Nintendo Switch Copycat Controller

Razer has added its name to the growing list of tech companies trying their hand at true wireless headphones with the release of the Hammerhead True Wireless gaming earbuds, alongside the release of a Nintendo-Switch-Esque looking controller for select Samsung and Razer smartphones, called the Junglecat.

The Hammerhead True Wireless gaming earbuds are now available for US$99.99 for Razer’s website, with local availability still to be announced.

Promising lag-free wireless audio playback, the earbuds use a customised ultra-low latency Bluetooth 5.0 connection to deliver crisp, clear audio with a ‘Gaming Mode’ reducing latency to just 60ms.

Audio modes can be enabled via the Razer companion app, allowing users to modify and control sound levels, touch gestures and voice prompt language.

The custom-tuned 13 mm drivers are optimised to provide ‘a quality listening experience’ according to Razer, with roughly 3-hours on one charge and up to four additional charges in the included USB-C carry case, for 15 hours of total use.

Rated at IPX3 for sweat and splash protection, you can ensure you can take your Razer gaming earbuds from the desk to the dungeon without concern.

“Users will have rich, immersive lag-free sound for their movies, music and gaming, without wires to get tangled or snagged as they go,” said Alvin Cheung, Senior Vice President of Razer’s peripherals business unit.

Also unveiled by Razer was the Junglecat dual-sided mobile gaming controller, touted as being able to bring console controls and accuracy to Android smartphones.

The Razer Junglecat will set you back US$99.99, with Australian availability still to be announced.

Taking considerable design notes from Nintendo, the Switch-esque controller has been designed for competitive mobile gaming, with dual configuration controllers for both mobile and desktop play, allowing players to ‘keep your fingers off the screen and focus on the action’.

The system features twin analog thumbsticks, bumper buttons on each side of the controller, a directional d-pad on the left side and a four-button cluster on the right.

For mobile gaming, one or both controllers can be attached to the included smartphone case for on the go gaming.

Alternatively, both controllers can be attached together with the controller grip to create a handheld controller for gaming on a desktop or table (pictured below).

The controller can also be paired with compatible Windows PCs for extra versatility.

Unfortunately, the Junglecat controller is only compatible with the Razer Phone 2, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Huawei P30 Pro, leaving many smartphones out of the jungle.

There is no word from Razer whether the controller will be expanded to more phones, or whether support will be extended to iOS for the iPhone or iPad.

Similar to the Hammerhead true wireless earbuds, the Razer Junglecat uses low-energy Bluetooth for low latency response times which also assists with the over 100 hours of battery life.

Software customisation of the controller can be achieved through the Razer Gamepad App, allowing users to tweak settings for each game and remap buttons and keys as required, as well as thumbstick sensitivity for precise aiming.

“The Razer Junglecat improves the mobile gaming experience substantially with two feature-rich controllers, giving players an unobstructed view of the action and easy access to game features without interrupting play,” said Mr Cheung.

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