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New Roller Blinds Block Off Light

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The company says that the biggest challenge facing the window furnishing industry today is finding a way to successfully eliminate light gaps between roller blinds.

Designed Blinds Australia’s Managing Director, Kevin Clarke said, “People have larger homes these days and that often presents the issue of adequately dressing very wide window spaces. Linked roller blind systems are immensely popular but disappoint when it comes to light gaps between adjacent blinds. Overlap was designed to solve this problem. Our aim was to cover large window spaces with ease while putting a stop to the beams of light that normally enter the room between blinds.”

In its essence, Overlap is a very simple concept. Subtle design changes were made to the shape of a roller bracket allowing multiple roller blinds to be linked and overlapped in order to eliminate light gaps between roller blinds.

The aesthetics and flexibility of Overlap is improved further still when combined with a Designed Blinds Australia painted pelmet.

“Why stop at solving one problem? The sleek, uncluttered look of roller blinds is often let down by the unsightly appearance of exposed roller brackets and aluminium tube. By combining Overlap with a painted pelmet, the entire window is tidied up producing clean, minimalist lines,” added Clarke.

Painted pelmets sharpen up the look of any window and are available in matte, satin, and high gloss finishes in a wide range of designed colours.

Overlap and the complete range of painted pelmets are available through Designed Blinds Australia distributors nationwide and in New Zealand.

See: www.dbablinds.com.au