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The Chinese Are Coming

The Chinese electronics giant this week announced a retail deal with Myer, is working on developing a branded area, which it hopes will include Hisense TV walls, as found in JB HiFi

Hisense is currently working with the department store, says Andre Lannuzzi head of marketing. 
The electronics giant invests heavily in putting the brand instore, making its mark against better known names like Samsung, LG and Panasonic, and moving away from its preception as a budget Chinese brand. 

In the coming weeks, Myer will be selling Hisense Full HD Smart TV, Ultra HD 4K, as well as the new Sero 7 inch Android tablet, which sells for $199. 
As Hisense amps up its range, it is now a position to provide high spec, quality electronics, having expanded its line up offering some superb 3D LED LCD Smart TVs at wow prices. 
Pictured: Hisense TV wall at JB Hi-Fi

Hisense new 65″ Ultra HD TV for the smooth price of $5000 has clearly grabbed eyeballs – a major price drop from the circa $15,000 some other brands are asking for 4K TVs, four times the definition of standard HD TV. 
The 65″ 4K UHD TV was a ” big statement for us” Lannuzzi admits.   
The Myer agreement is a “good strategic fit, it’s a well known brand and appeals to a certain type of consumer.”
“Entering into that environment is essential.”  
The Hisense-Myer agreement is long term, “part of our ongoing expansion in Australia” and the Chinese company is actively looking to expand its retail footprint.
“Retail channels are always under scrutiny for us,” says its Head of Marketing. It’s not just Myer or Radio Rentals,” lots of retailers are approaching us…there’s a hunger for state of the art products at competitive prices”.  
And Iannuzzi says the company will take on new retail channels on as long as it is the right fit for the brand. 

Every product instore is positioned with branded displays and includes extras like demo videos, so it can stack up against the competition. 
The brand is clearly growing. It has 25 refrigerator alone products including freezers, wine cabinets and recently launched tablet with a slew of content, and released washing machines for the first time here.