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Qantas And Vodafone Team Up To Help Pilots

Vodafone has a new partnership with Qantas providing pilots with uninterrupted data connectivity by leveraging their extensive global roaming network.

A lack of consistent access to the internet has developed an over reliance on pre-flight WiFi in pilots, adding extra pre-planning stages including downloading maps, weather reports and paperwork.

Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs) have become standard for pilots, but without consistent connectivity they still rely on pen and paper or hunting out WiFi to complete their required documentation.

The telco’s plan relies on using their already existing international roaming data network to provide internet in over 60 countries, an obvious advantage for Qantas.

Ben McIntosh, Vodafone’s chief commercial officer, said “This is a particularly exciting partnership for us because when we learnt about the challenge Qantas was looking to solve we immediately knew Vodafone had the solution.

“The partnership between Vodafone and Qantas will deliver increased productivity by ensuring that pilots are flexible and mobile while conducting their daily tasks. It will also mean reduced paper work at each international destination and an overall more streamlined process for pre and post-flight checks.”

Qantas has been equally excited by the successful trial, praising the move as a huge benefit to the focus of pilots and aiding in ensuring flights take off on time.

Captain Alex Passerini, Qantas’s chief technical pilot, emphasised the benefit to Qantas customers.

“There’s a lot of preparation ahead of any flight and sourcing a reliable Wi-Fi connection is not always easy. Working with Vodafone means our pilots can stay connected and focus on getting away on time.

“By combining Vodafone’s global presence with our expertise in providing reliable enterprise mobility solutions to businesses, we were able to provide Qantas with a tailored solution that allows pilots to focus on what’s important,”

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