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Creston Tries To Float

Creston Tries To Float

The UFO remote is submersible at depths up to 3 metres, is disc-shaped and can float.

It measures 3.3 centimetres by 12.9 centimetres and weighs 0.25 Kilogram.

The remote can be used in hospitals and operating rooms since it can also be submerged in sanitising liquid.

Features include an active-matrix 2.8-inch color LCD display, customizable menus with full-color icons, a rugged and rubberized outer skin, and 2.4GHz RF technology.

The range is listed at 200 feet indoors, and this can be extended to 1,000 feet outdoors with the optional extended range RF wireless gateway.

A sleep mode helps extend battery life by up to one week, Crestron said. Continuous use at a full charge is listed at seven hours.

The UFO comes with an indoor docking station for charging the built-in lithium-ion battery, and a weatherproof outdoor docking station is available separately from the company.