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Dell Gets Wyse (On Cloud)

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Dell is to buy Wyse Technology – a global leader in cloud computing – to “significantly” expand desktop virtualization offering, it announced yesterday.

Wyse will provide new market opportunities for Dell’s enterprise solutions and services and has over 200 million people using its products, currently.

Founded in 1991, San Jose based Wyse’s portfolio includes thin client solutions with advanced management, desktop virtualization using Microsoft, Citrix and VMware, and cloud software.

The two companies view and approach to the Desktop Virtualization market are similar, says Dell, who did not disclose the value of the deal.

The market for desktop virtualization should continue to grow globally and exceed $15 billion by 2015, with the larger revenue and margin opportunities coming from the datacenter infrastructure, cloud and services tied to thin client and desktop virtualization, said Matt Eastwood, IDC analyst.

Desktop virtualization helps organizations streamline IT management, improve productivity and security, and increase cost efficiency for discrete workloads or usage scenarios, says Jeff Clarke, President, End User Computing, Dell. 

“The Wyse Technology desktop virtualization capability complements Dell’s strongest-ever device and computing solutions portfolio, and strengthens our position in offering customers among the broadest set of computing choices from the edge to the core to the cloud.”