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Hitachi OZ Now Promoting TVs After Inital Denial

Hitachi OZ Now Promoting TVs After Inital Denial

Hitachi Australia appears to have had a change of mind about the sale of Hitachi branded TV’s in Australia.

After initially denying any involvement with the sale of Hitachi branded TV’s being sold by Tempo Australia Hitachi Australia has overnight put up a link on their Hitachi Oceanic web site pointing to the Tempo web site.

When ChannelNews contacted Anand Singh a senior executive at Hitachi Australia we were told by Singh that Hitachi had “no involvement with the sale of branded Hitachi LED and LCD TV’s.

At the time Singh said that Hitachi Australia not been told about the launch and that as far as they are concerned Hitachi has no involvement in the design, manufacture or “the quality” of the new Hitachi branded TV’s.
He went on to say “We became aware that retailers were being offered a Hitachi TV in Australia, we also read about it on the SmartHouse web site. This is a worrying development”.

ChannelNews has been told that the deal to sell Hitachi branded TV’s was done via the Companies Singapore subsidiary and not via the Australian operation.

Singh was not available to comment today.

2 years ago Hitachi quite the Australian TV market after their parent Company announced that they were losing “billions” trying to compete in the TV market.

SmartHouse also revealed that the local subsidiary had had a falling out with Harvey Norman after they claimed that 720p was the same as 1080p Full HD.

Hitachi whose reputation was tarnished after they were kicked out of Harvey Norman for trying to sell 1080i plasma TV’s as Full HD, agreed to plead guilty to conspiring to fix prices on the sale of LCD panels in the US.

The Japan-based electronics firm agreed to pay a $31 million fine as part of its deal with the U.S. Justice Department late in 2009.

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